Hard-real-time processing in Ptolemy II

Researchers: Brian K. Vogel
Advisor:Edward A. Lee

In many real-time applications, such as audio signal processing and real-time control applications, it is essential that application timeliness requirements be met. The Java programming language was not designed with real-time computing in mind, and current Java implementations are not suitable for use in systems that require hard real-time behavior. Sun is developing a real-time version of Java [1] that may be suitable for use in embedded systems requiring hard real-time behavior.

We are exploring the implementation of hard real-time systems using Ptolemy II and real-time Java. By modifying the Ptolemy II software architecture to take advantage of real-time Java features, it may be possible to construct Ptolemy II models such that the corresponding simulations meet hard real-time constraints when run on a real-time Java platform. This would allow the simulation itself to be used as a software implementation of the system. This work will also help us evaluate the long-term potential of virtual-machine architectures for hard-real-time processing.

Bollella, Gosling, Brosgol, Dibble, Furr, Hardin, Turnbull, "The Real-Time Specification For Java," Addison Wesley, 2000.

Last updated 11/03/00