Terraswarm PI Anthony Rowe joins colleagues as Carnegie Mellon Engineering Professors work on developing firefighter location system

As one of several Engineering faculty at Carnegie Mellon University, Professor Anthony Rowe is working on a tracking system to locate firefighters inside a burning building.
"We want to create a system that allows firefighters and first responders to find themselves inside a burning structure," said Rowe. "Systems like GPS don't actually work indoors, and fire and smoke make it harder for traditional RF systems to accurately locate people within a structure. The system we're developing combines emerging technologies that will not only accurately reveal where firefighters are in a building, but also their orientation (i.e., direction they are facing)."
The research team met with firefighters to learn about their operational procedures and analyzed various positioning technologies.
"We need this technology. Too many times we hear stories about first responders getting lost inside of a structure, meters from potential safety, but they did not know which way to go," said Rowe. "We believe the combination of these new and emerging technologies will lead to an accurate indoor locationing system that could save lives."
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