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TRUST Autumn 2008 Conference: November 11-12, 2008

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The Autumn 2008 TRUST Conference was held
November 11-12, 2008 at the Nashville Marriott at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.

This event provides attendees with an opportunity to hear firsthand about the work of TRUST faculty and students-specifically activities that:

  1. Advance a leading-edge research agenda to improve the state-of-the art in cyber security and critical infrastructure protection;
  2. Develop robust education and diversity plans to teach the next generation of computer scientists, engineers, and social scientists; and
  3. Pursue knowledge transfer opportunities to transition TRUST results to end users within industry and the government.

Key Dates

  • October 10 - TRUST Student/Faculty Presentation Abstracts and Research Papers Due.
  • October 17 - Notification to TRUST Student/Faculty Author
  • October 24 - Hotel Room Block Cutoff
  • October 31 - Conference Registration Deadline

Conference Schedule

The conference was held at the Nashville Marriott at Vanderbilt University November 11 from 8:00 AM to 5:45 PM and November 12 from 8:00 AM to 12:30 PM. It consisted of technical talks given by TRUST faculty and students, a poster session of TRUST student research, and social/networking events.

The full Conference Program is available here

Conference Keynote Address

We were pleased to have as the conference Keynote Speaker Mr. Scott E. Augenbaum from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Supervisory Special Agent Scott E. Augenbaum is the supervisor of the FBI's Memphis Division Cyber Squad, based in Nashville, TN. SSA Augenbaum manages the Memphis Crimes Against Children Task Force made up of two FBI Special Agents, an Investigator from the Memphis Police Department and Shelby County Sheriff's Office, and a Special Agent from the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE). As Supervisory Special Agent, Augenbaum formed a Joint Cyber Crime Task Force with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and Franklin, TN Police Department to investigate Computer Intrusion, Online Child Exploitation, Intellectual Property Rights and Internet Fraud.

Augenbaum started his career in the FBI's New York Office in 1988, spending six years as an Operations Assistant and Accounting Technician for the Foreign Counter Intelligence Branch. Augenbaum worked on his first Cyber investigation in the fall of 1995 as part of the Innocent Images Online Child Exploitation initiative. For nine years, Augenbaum was the Case Agent on numerous Internet Fraud, Computer Intrusion, and Innocent Images investigations. In this role, he established and maintained liaison with industry, academia, and law enforcement and formed a working group with over 150 individuals/agencies committed to protecting the critical Infrastructure in upstate New York from Cyber attack. After the September 11th attacks, Augenbaum created an ad-hoc task force of Federal, State and local law enforcement agencies which lead to the formation of the Joint Terrorism Task Force in Syracuse, New York.

In December 2003, Augenbaum was promoted to a Supervisory Special Agent at FBIHQ, Cyber Division. He was the Program Manager of the FBI's Cyber Task Force Program?an initiative that enabled the FBI to partner with Federal, State and local law enforcement to combat the emerging threat of Computer Intrusion/Cyber Crime?and was responsible for the program within the FBI's 56 Field Offices. Augenbaum also had Program Management responsibilities for the FBI's Intellectual Property Rights Program and maintained liaison with the industry partners on IPR issues.

Augenbaum graduated from the City College of New York in 1992 and worked on his Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Information Technology and Finance at Fordham University's Lincoln Center Campus, New York, NY.

Conference Venue

The conference took place at the Nashville Marriott at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. Located on the historic Vanderbilt University campus, the Marriott Nashville is one of the preferred hotels in the Nashville area, offering contemporary decor and attention to detail. Overlooking Centennial Park and its famed Parthenon, the Marriott hotel welcomes guests with a sleek, well-staffed lobby and smartly designed guest rooms.

Conference Venue and Accommodations

The conference will take place at the University of California, Washington Center (UCDC).

Conference Program and Presentations

Links to the conference presentations are provided below. PLEASE NOTE: Mosts presentations are provided in PowerPoint format for convenience. Providing PowerPoint files makes it very easy and tempting to "borrow" the material. However, these presentations are owned by the author so please do not use this material without permission from the author.

Tuesday November 11, 2008
0900-1000 Keynote Address-The FBI and Emerging Threats of Computer Intrusions and Cyber Crime
Scott E. Augenbaum (Cyber Crime Squad, Federal Bureau of Investigation)
1020-1040 Towards a Scalable System for Distributed Management of Private Information
Michael Siegenthaler (Cornell), Ken Birman(Cornell
1040-1100 A Model-Integrated Approach to Implementing Individualized Patient Care Plans Based on Guideline-Driven Clinical Decision Support and Process Management - A Procress Report
Jason B. Martin (Vanderbilt University Medical Center), Janos L. Mathe (Vanderbilt), Peter Miller(Vanderbilt HealthTech Laboratory), Akos Ledeczi (Vanderbilt), Liza Weavind (Vanderbilt University Medical Center), Anne Miller (Vanderbilt University Medical Center), David J. Maron (Vanderbilt HealthTech Laboratory, Vanderbilt University Medical Center), Andras Nadas (Vanderbilt), Janos Sztipanovits (Vanderbilt)
1100-1120 Integration of Clinical Workflows with Privacy Policies on a Common Semantic Platform
Jan Werner (Vanderbilt), Bradley Malin (Vanderbilt), Yonghwan Lee (Vanderbilt), Akos Ledeczi (Vanderbilt), Janos Sztipanovits (Vanderbilt)
1120-1140 Automatic Detection of Policies from Electronic Medical Record Access Logs
John M. Paulett (Vanderbilt), Bradley Malin (Vanderbilt)
1140-1200 Fault Tolerant Sensor Network Routing for Patient Monitoring
Shanshan Jiang (Vanderbilt), Annarita Giani (Berkeley), Allen Yang (Berkeley) Yuan Xue (Vanderbilt), Ruzena Bajcsy (Berkeley)
1300-1320 Redundancy Minimizing Techniques for Robust Transmission in Wireless Networks
Anna Kacewicz (Cornell), Stephen B. Wicker (Cornell)
1320-1340 DexterNet: An Open Platform for Heterogeneous Body Sensor Networks and Its Applications
Phillip Kuryloski (Cornell), Annarita Giani (Berkeley), Roberta Giannantonio (WSN Lab Berkeley), Katherine Gilani (University of Texas at Dallas), Ville-Pekka Seppa (Tampere University of Technology), Edmund Seto (Berkeley), Raffaele Gravina (WSN Lab Berkeley), Victor Shia (Berkeley), Curtis Wang (Berkeley), Posu Yan (Berkeley), Allen Yang (Berkeley), Jari Hyttinen (Tampere University of Technology), Shannkar Sastry (Berkeley), Stephen B. Wicker (Cornell), Ruzena Bajcsy (Berkeley)
1340-1400 An Intrusion Detection System for Wireless Process Control Systems
Adrian P. Lauf (Vanderbilt), Jonathan Wiley (Vanderbilt), Tanya Roosta (Berkeley), William H. Robinson (Vanderbilt), Gabor Karsai ( Vanderbilt)
1400-1420 On the Connectivity of Finite Wireless Networks with Multiple Base Stations
Sergio Bermudez (Cornell), Stephen B. Wicker (Cornell)
1420-1440 A Security Standard for Smart Power Meters
Coalton Bennett (Cornell), Darren Highfill (Enernex Corporation), Stephen B. Wicker (Cornell)
1440-1500 Online Information Security Education through Anchored Instruction
Eric Imsand (Memphis), Larry Howard (Vanderbilt), Ken Pence (Vanderbilt), Mike Byers (SPARTA), Dipankar Dasgupta (Memphis)
1520-1540 Bootstrapping Trust in a "Trusted" Platform
Bryan Parno (Carnegie Mellon)
1540-1600 Secure Control and the Analysis of Denial of Service Attacks
Saurabh Amin (Berkeley), Alavaro Cardenas (Berkeley), Alexandre Bayen (Berkeley), Shankar Sastry (Berkeley)
1600-1620 Detecting Forged TCP Reset Packets
Nicholas Weaver (International Computer Science Institute), Robin Sommer (International Computer Science Institute), Vern Paxson (Berkeley)
1620-1640 Expressing and Enforcing Flow-Based Network Security Policies
Timothy Hinrichs (Chicago), Natasha Gude (Stanford), Martin Casado (Stanford), John Mitchell (Stanford), Scott Shenker (Berkeley)
1640-1700 Open Problems in the Security of Learning
Marco Barreno (Berkeley), Peter L. Bartlett (Berkeley), Fuching Jack Chi (Berkeley), Anthony D. Joseph (Berkeley), Blaine Nelson (Berkeley), Benjamin I.P. Rubinstein (Berkeley), Udam Saini (Berkeley), J.D. Tygar (Berkeley)

Wednesday November 12, 2008
0840-0900 Automatic Patch-Based Exploit Generation is Possible: Techniques and Implications
David Brumley (Carnegie Mellon), Pongsin Poosankam (Carnegie Mellon), Dawn Song (Berkeley), Jiang Zheng (Pittsburgh)
0900-0920 Programming with Live Distributed Objects
Krzysztof Ostrowski (Cornell), Ken Birman (Cornell), Danny Dolev (Hebrew), Jong Hoon Ahnn (Cornell)
0920-0940 Smoke and Mirrors: Shadowing Files at a Geographically Remote Location Without Loss of Performance
Hakim Weatherspoon (Cornell), Lakshmi Ganesh (Cornell), Tudor Marian (Cornell), Mahesh Balakrishnan (Cornell), Ken Birman (Cornell)
0940-1000 Quantitative Information Flow as Network Flow Capacity
Stephen McCamant (Berkeley), Michael D. Ernst (MIT)
1000-1020 Comparison of Blackbox and Whitebox Fuzzers in Finding Software Bugs
Marjan Aslani (George Washington), Nga Chung (San Jose State), Jason Doherty (San Jose State), Nichole Stockman (Mills), William Quach (San Jose State)
1040-1100 Verifiable Functional Purity in Java
Matthew Finifter (Berkeley), Adrian Mettler (Berkeley), Naveen Sastry (Berkeley), David Wagner (Berkeley)
1100-1120 An Algorithmic Approach to Authorization Rules Conflict Resolution in Software Security
Weider D. Yu (San Jose State), Ellora Nayak (San Jose State)
1120-1140 Verifying the Safety of User Pointer Dereferences
Suhabe Bugrara (Stanford), Alex Aiken (Stanford)
1140-1200 The TRUST-SCADA Experimental Testbed: Design and Experiments
Annarita Giani (Berkeley), Gabor Karsai (Vanderbilt), Aakash Shah (Carnegie Mellon), Bruno Sinopoli (Carnegie Mellon), Jon Wiley (Vanderbilt)

Additional Information

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Sally Alcala, the TRUST Program Coordinator.