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The package.

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Package Description

The package.

Notes about converting models from the ct domain to the continuous domain

The script $PTII/ptolemy/domains/continuous/lib/ct2continuous attempts to convert CT domain models and Java files to the Continuous domain.
  1. Change domains.fsm to domains.modal
  2. domains.ct.kernel.CTMixedSignalDirector (and all other directors) should be change to domains.continuous.kernel.ContinuousDirector
  3. Director class for modal models may need to be changes
  4. If the ct model has an ODESolver present, then delete it and use the default
  5. Change domains.ct.lib.CTPeriodicSampler to domains.continuous.lib.PeriodicSampler
  6. Change CTEmbedded director to domains.continuous.kernel.ContinuousDirector and remove any ODESolver.
  7. Change ZeroCrossing to LevelCrossingDetector
  8. Integrator: port names change
    • input to derivative.
    • output to state
  9. Remove any EditorIcons

Ptolemy II 6.0
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