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Package ptolemy.vergil.debugger

Ptolemy II Debugger Interface.

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Package ptolemy.vergil.debugger Description

Ptolemy II Debugger Interface.

This package implements a debugger interface that stops the model at specific breakpoints in specific actors.

Right clicking on an actor brings up a contact menu that has "Set Breakpoints" as a menu choice. "Set Breakpoints" is currently only implemented for the SDF domain. It seems that only "before iterate" and "after iterate" work currently. You should be able to run the model by clicking on the Run button. A message will appear in the information bar at the bottom left hand portion of the model window when it reaches your breakpoint. The actor with the breakpoint will also be highlighted in magenta after the first iteration. Click on the Run button again to continue execution.

Some related features that you may wish to use are:

Warning: you should save your model before running with breakpoints set since saving in the middle of a debugging session may not work.

See also $PTII/doc/coding/debugging.html

Ptolemy II 2.1
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