Ptolemy II 8.0.1 Limitations

The Ptolemy II 8.0.1 Release notes list limitations. The Vergil welcome window has a link to a similar list.

If you find bugs, check the limitations page inside Vergil, then check this page, and then post to the ptolemy-hackers mailing list.

In your email, please be sure to list

  • What operating system you are operating under (Windows XP sp2? Solaris 10?)
  • What version of Java you are running. (Run java -version, or use our Java Version Applet )
  • Whether the problem occurs in
  • Vergil
  • The local version of the web pages
  • The PtolemyII 8.0.1 website version of the web pages
  • The Web Start version
  • Ptolemy II Bugzilla links

    Places to go

  • Online Applet Demonstrations and Documentation
  • Ptolemy II Design Document
  • Know Limitations

    See the Ptolemy Bugzilla page for other bugs. See the Ptolemy II 8.0.1 Release notes for known limitations.