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15.3 Attributes

In addition to the code generation attributes detailed in 13.2.6, for CG56 attributes are defined to specify the X and Y memory banks. They are:

A_XMEM Allocate this state in X memory
A_YMEM Allocate this state in Y memory The underlying bits are AB_XMEM, and AB_YMEM. Each attribute above turns one off and turns the other on (e.g. A_YMEM turns AB_YMEM on and AB_XMEM off).

Also for CG56 stars, portholes can assert attributes P_XMEM and P_YMEM, which work in exactly the same way as A_XMEM and A_YMEM. The default attribute for a 56001 porthole is P_XMEM, which allocates the porthole buffer in X memory. Specifying the P_YMEM attribute places the porthole buffer in Y memory.

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