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17.3 An overview of C50 Demos

A set of C50 demonstration programs have been developed. The demos are meant to be run on the C50DSK board. If you do not have the required DSK tools, then you can still run the demos to see the generated code. To do this make sure that the run and compile target parameters are to NO. By default, the generated code is written to

17.3.1 Basic/Test demos

The Basic/Test palette contains 7 demonstrations.

goertzelTest Test the Goertzel filters for computing the discrete Fourier transform.
firTest Test the finite impulse response (FIR) filters.
iirTest Test the infinite impulse response (IIR) filters.
logicTest Test various comparison tests and Boolean functions.
miscIntOps Test integer arithmetic operations.
multiFork Test the AnyAsmFork star. An AnyAsmFork star is one of a group of stars that do produce any code at compile time.
testPostTest Test the DTMFPostTest star used in touchtone decoding.

17.3.2 DSK 320C5x demos

The DSK 320C5x demo palette contains demonstrations meant to be run on the Texas Instruments DSP Starter Kit board.

chirp This system uses two integrators and a cosine to generate a chirp signal.
DTMFCodec Demonstration of touchtone detection using the discrete Fourier transform implemented by using Goertzel filters.
lms A noise source is connected to an eighth-order least-mean squares (LMS) adaptive filter with initial taps specifying a lowpass filter. The taps adapt to a null filter (the impulse response is an impulse) and the error signal is displayed.
lmsDTMFCodec Demonstration of touchtone detection using Normalized Direct Frequency Estimation implemented by using Least-Mean Squares (LMS) adaptive filters.
phoneLine A telephone channel simulator. A tone is passed through some processing which implements various distortions on a telephone channel. The parameters that are controllable are: noise, channel filter, second harmonic, third harmonic, frequency offset, phase jitter frequency, and phase jitter amplitude.
sin A sine wave is generated by using two integrators in a feedback loop.
transmitter A simple 4-level PAM transmitter

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