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18.1 Introduction

Since Ptolemy is by design an extensible system, the documentation must be also be extensible. This chapter explains the document formatting conventions, scripts, and sample documents that are distributed with Ptolemy. At this time, we use a combination of text processing systems for documentation. Currently, the main systems we use are FrameMaker1 and HTML, though older version of Ptolemy used troff, and some TeX components. A version of this particular chapter is distributed as a sample document in $PTOLEMY/doc/samples/documents.book2. It is made using FrameMaker, and can be used as a template for generating new FrameMaker documents in the Ptolemy style.

For users who do not have access to FrameMaker, a compatible alternative document formatting system based on troff is also provided. Currently, all documentation for stars, galaxies, and demo programs is based on HTML. All shell scripts and Makefiles are supplied along with the documentation so that they can be modified if necessary..

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1 FrameMaker is a registered trademark of the Frame Technology Corporation.

2 $PTOLEMY is an environment variable that is assumed to specify the installation directory for the Ptolemy system.

Copyright © 1990-1997, University of California. All rights reserved.