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18.2 Printing the manual

The simplest way to get a hard copy version of the manual is to have a double sided bound copy sent to you. You may order the documentation set from:

If you would like to print out your own copy of the documentation, you will need a postscript printer. All of the Ptolemy documentation is contained in a collection of postscript files. These files have the ".ps' suffix at the end of their file names. The files are found in the Ptolemy distribution as follows:

$PTOLEMY/doc contains most of the documentation. Within $PTOLEMY/doc, the directory users_man contains the Ptolemy user's manual. The directory prog_man contains the programmer's manual. The bin directory contains scripts for building and printing troff based documentation. The headers directory contains troff header files that are needed by the scripts in the bin directory. The main directory contains the makefiles needed to print out troff based documents. Finally, the directory $PTOLEMY/doc/samples contains sample documents and templates to follow if you are planning to add new documentation.

Domains and their stars are documented where their source code resides. For instance, the documentation for the SDF domain is in $PTOLEMY/src/domains/sdf/stars. The format for this documentation, and methods for printing it are found in the section titled "Using HTML to document stars" on page 18-5.

Each of the documentation directories mentioned above may have a README file that explains which postscript files are which and explains how to print out the files. In any event, you can print the section you are interested in by going to the documentation directory and then printing out the postscript files found there.

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