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D.2 Shared library problems

D.2.1 Startup Time

In Ptolemy you can build a pigiRpc that has only the domains you are interested in with Jose Pino's mkPtolemyTree script in $PTOLEMY/bin, see the Programmer's Manual for more information. The startup time for a full pigiRpc is greater than for a pigiRpc.ptrim (SDF, DE, CGC and a few other small domains). If you use either pigiRpc.ptrim or pigiRpc.ptiny (SDF and DE only), then the start up time is quite reasonable. If you regularly use some of the other less common domains, then you can build special pigiRpc with just your domains.

One reason that startup time is increased might be because Ptolemy constructs a lot of objects and processes many lists of things like domains. We may be able to decrease startup time by carefully managing the star constructors.

One way to speed things up might be to create a large shared library that has the domains in which you are interested. Startup time might be faster if everything is in one file. Currently we have about 80 different shared libraries.

Combining these libraries into a few big libraries for ptiny, ptrim and pigi binaries might help. Of course, we could leave the 80 libraries and just add the new libraries. We have not tried this, but it might be interesting.

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