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19.10 Remote application commands

The following commands apply only if a remote application, like pigiRpc, is running.

kill-application				<*>	No Arguments
The kill-application command kills the remote application which has control of the window where the command was invoked. This can be used to terminate runaway remote applications. Note it has no standard menu or key bindings; it is a type-in command only. This command may not work on all machines.

rpc-any			r		"host pathname"
This command starts up a remote application which is not on the standard list of applications in the vem menu. "host" specifies the network location for the application and "path" specifies the path to the executable on "host". If the host specification is omitted, the local machine is assumed.

rpc-reset			<*>		No Arguments
If an application terminates abnormally, vem may not recognize that the window no longer has an application running in it. This command forces vem to reset the state of the window so that new applications can be run in it.

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