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19.11 Customizing Vem

The oct manual would be required only by programmers wishing to modify pigiRpc; it is available from the Industrial Liaison Program office, Dept. of EECS, UC Berkeley, Berkeley CA 94720 (

The Postscript file can be found in the other.src tar file in the Ptolemy distribution as ptolemy/src/octtools/vem/doc/ This file describes some of the X resources that can be set in vem.

If you are trying to modify the look and feel of vem, see "X Resources" on page 2-54. For a fairly complete list of X resources, you can also look at the defaults.c and defaults.h files in the ptolemy/src/octtools/vem/main directory. These files can be found in the Ptolemy other.src tar file. If you are having font problems with vem, see "pigi fails to start and gives a message about not finding fonts" on page A-20.

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