Application of Programming Temporally Integrated Distributed Embedded Systems

Yang Zhao, Edward A. Lee and Jie Liu

In Proceedings of 2006 IEEE 1588 Conference
Gaithersburg, MD, October 2-4, 2006.




The introduction of network time protocols such as NTP (at a coarse granularity) and IEEE 1588 (at a fine granularity) gives a relatively consistent global notion of time that has the potential to significantly change how we design distributed real-time systems. In [4], we present a programming model called PTIDES (Programming Temporally Integrated Distributed Embedded Systems) that uses discrete-event (DE) models as programming specifications for distributed real-time systems and describe an execution model that permits out of order processing of events without sacrificing determinacy and without requiring backtracking. In this paper, we present an interesting networked camera application programmed using PTIDES and show how the execution model in [4] can be used to meet real-time constrains in the system.