Praveen K. Murthy, Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya, and Edward A. Lee

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In this paper, we formally develop techniques that minimize the memory requirements of a target program when synthesizing software from dataflow descriptions of multirate signal processing algorithms. The dataflow programming model that we consider is the synchronous dataflow (SDF) model [2], which has been used heavily in DSP design environments over the past several years. We first focus on the restricted class of well-ordered SDF graphs. We show that while extremely efficient techniques exist for constructing minimum code size schedules for well-ordered graphs, the number of distinct minimum code size schedules increases combinatorially with the number of vertices in the input SDF graph, and these different schedules can have vastly different data memory requirements. We develop a dynamic programming algorithm that computes the schedule that minimizes the data memory requirement from among the schedules that minimize code size, and we show that the time complexity of this algorithm is cubic in the num-ber of vertices in the given well-ordered SDF graph. We present several extensions to this dynamic programming technique to more general scheduling problems, and we present a heuristic that often computes near-optimal schedules with quadratic time complexity. We then show that finding optimal solutions for arbitrary acyclic graphs is NP-complete, and present heuristic tech-niques that jointly minimize code and data size requirements. We present a practical example and simulation data that demonstrate the effectiveness of these techniques.

[1] This work is part of the Ptolemy project, which is supported by the Advanced Research Projects Agency and the U. S. Air Force (under the RASSP program, contract F33615-93-C-1317), Semiconductor Research Corporation (project 94-DC-008), National Science Foundation (MIP-9201605), Office of Naval Technology (via Naval Research Laboratories), the State of California MICRO program, and the following companies: Bell Northern Research, Cadence, Dolby, Hitachi, Mentor Graphics, Mitsubishi, NEC, Pacific Bell, Philips, Rockwell, Sony, and Synopsys.
S. S. Bhattacharyya is with the Semiconductor Research Laboratory, Hitachi America, Ltd., 201 East Tasman Drive., San Jose, California 95134, USA.
P. K. Murthy and E. A. Lee are with the Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, University of California at Berkeley, California 94720, USA.
[2] M. Ade, R. Lauwereins, and J. A. Peperstraete, "Buffer Memory Requirements in DSP Applications," presented at IEEE Workshop on Rapid System Prototyping, Grenoble, June, 1994.