sisalem at fokus gmd de did a master's thesis about ABR using Ptolemy. Dorgham's web page at describes his work. Christopher Hylands created a tar file that combines the two tar files below, and makes a few minor changes.
  • tcpSim.tar.gz
  • tcpSim.tar.gz-README README file for tcpSim.tar.gz
  • Below is a lightly edited local copy

    TCP Simulation

    For investigating the performance of TCP under different situations, e.g., high speed networks, pure ATM and rate controlled ATM, we built our own TCP simulator with PTOLEMY.

    The current version of the simulator includes the 4.3BSD Tahoe TCP version and implements slow start, congestion avoidance, silly window handling, round trip time estimation, the sliding window mechanisms and the fast retransmission algorithm. With the 4.3BSD Reno TCP the simulator also implements fast recovery.

    For our tests we also implemented a TCP version using binary congestion notification in addition to the usual loss indication.

    Congestion Control Investigations

    As a part of a master thesis with the title of "Rate based congestion control and its effects on TCP over ATM," various models simulating TCP congestion algorithms, bit marking schemes and explicit rate control schemes such as EPRCA and bit marking schemes were implemented and tested. As a test network the generic fairness topology was used. For more papers on this subject visit Dorgham Sisalem's home page

    These models were compiled with Ptolemy0.5.2, so they might need some work to compile under Ptolemy0.6.