Searching the Ptolemy Hackers Mailing List Archives

There are several ways to search the Ptolemy-hackers archives
  • search for messages after 2/12/92.
  • Yahoo Groups: search for messages after 1/1/97.
  • Mail-archive: search for messages after 1/20/99 - 12/12/07
    Mail-archive: search for messages after 8/31/05 - 3/1/09
  • Google comp.soft-sys.ptolemy: search for newsgroup messages after 5/94.
    Note that messages posted to ptolemy-hackers from before 2/09 show up on the comp.soft-sys.ptolemy newsgroup; however, the newsgroup has not been around as long as the ptolemy-hackers mailing list. Also, some messages posted to ptolemy-hacker are never seen on newsgroup (the news daemon rejects them because they do not include enough new information. Sorry, this was a campus wide news server, there was little we could do about it). UC Berkeley dropped out of the Usenet news feed sometime in January, 2009, so items posted to the mailing list no longer appear on the newsgroup.
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