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Recent papers
Lightweight Component Models for Embedded Systems
Components are receiving attention as a means of advancing the state of software distribution beyond the traditional choices of source code, compiled binary executable, and compiled libraries. In this paper, we examine lightweight component models for embedded real-time software systems, and propose two different component models based on the concepts of actors and models of computation. --- PDF

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Technical notes
Timed Actors -- DRAFT
This technical note explores the notion of time in the context of the actor model Actif. Actif tries to use the minimum number of constructs necessary to express actors that will work in a broad range of models of computation. To this end, in this report I add a single construct to Actif, which delays the readiness of an actor to fire an action by a certain amount of time. This has some interesting consequences for the interface automata used to compose actors. --- PDF
Interface Automata and Actif Actors
This technical note uses the Ptolemy II interface automaton editor to compose networks of dataflow actors and buffers. The automata are first described as Actif actors; the composition of the automata together with a controller automaton reveals the combined behavior of the network. --- PDF

Mobies standardization in the OMG
This is my personal take on meetings I attended on November 21st and 22nd in Washington D.C. The first meeting was a meeting of contractors in the Mobies DARPA project with OMG representatives. The second was the NEPHEST quarterly meeting. --- HTML

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