HyVisual 2.2-beta-3 Installers for platforms other than Windows


  • Run the HyVisual installer as an applet or download installers
  • Installation Instructions

    Note that HyVisual requires Java 1.4. Under Mac OS X, see Mac OS X Java 1.4 Instructions

    1. Install HyVisual

  • Run the installer as an applet. This applet, built with a commercial product from Zero G Inc., will install HyVisual, from Berkeley, on your machine.
    If you choose to install via the applet, a dialog will pop up asking if you will grant permission to run software from Zero G Software. To continue with the installation process, click on the 'Grant' button.
  • or choose one of the installers below:
    Platform Version Tested On JRE Included JRE Not Included
    Windows XP sp1 HyVisual Windows JRE (17.2 Mb) HyVisual Windows No JRE (6.8 Mb)
    Java Generic Java 1.4 or later on any platform NA Java on any platform No JRE (6.8 Mb)
    Linux ? NA HyVisual Linux No JRE (6.9 Mb)
    Mac OS X 10.2.3, see HyVisual Notes for Mac OS X NA HyVisual Mac OS X 10.2 No JRE (6.8 Mb)

    This page covers installing HyVisual via an installer under all platforms.

    Other formats include:

  • Installing HyVisual via an installer under Windows
  • Installing HyVisual via the web using Web Start