Lee & Seshia: Introduction to Embedded Systems - A Cyber-Physical Systems Approach

Berkeley Course

This book is used at Berkeley in EECS 149/249A, a mezzanine-level (advanced undergraduate and first-year graduate) class on embedded systems. The course website is https://bcourses.berkeley.edu/courses/1454183, or an older website http://chess.eecs.berkeley.edu/eecs149/. Lectures from the on-campus course have been recorded (audio and screen capture) and are available to the Berkeley campus community (unfortunately, not more broadly).

In 2014, a "massive open online course" (MOOC) on Cyber-Physical Systems (based on the above on-campus course EECS 149) was offered on the edX platform: EECS149.1x. Videos of selected course topics are also available on the edX platform, along with inline quizzes and associated lab exercises. The MOOC employs novel virtual lab technology with an automatic grading and feedback system. More information about the automatic grading software, CPSGrader, is available here.