Class ClassUtilities

  extended by ptolemy.util.ClassUtilities

public class ClassUtilities
extends java.lang.Object

A collection of utilities for manipulating classes. These utilities do not depend on any other ptolemy.* packages.

Ptolemy II 4.0
$Id: 59363 2010-10-03 09:07:45Z cxh $
Christopher Hylands
Accepted Rating:
Green (cxh)
Proposed Rating:
Green (cxh)

Constructor Summary
private ClassUtilities()
          Instances of this class cannot be created.
Method Summary
static java.util.List jarURLDirectories( jarURL)
          Return the directories in a jar URI, relative to the jar entry, if any. .
static jarURLEntryResource(java.lang.String jarURLString)
          Lookup a jar URL and return the resource.
static java.lang.String lookupClassAsResource(java.lang.String necessaryClass)
          Given a dot separated classname, return the jar file or directory where the class can be found.
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Constructor Detail


private ClassUtilities()
Instances of this class cannot be created.

Method Detail


public static java.util.List jarURLDirectories( jarURL)
Return the directories in a jar URI, relative to the jar entry, if any. . Jar URLS have several forms, the most common being: jar:file:///foo/bar.jar/!/bif/baz, which means that the jar file /foo/bar.jar has a directory or file name bif/baz. If such a file is passed to this method, then any directories in the jar file directory bif/baz will be returned.

jarURL - The Jar URL for which we are to look for directories.
An list of Strings that name the directories
Throws: - If opening the connection fails or if getting the jar file from the connection fails


public static jarURLEntryResource(java.lang.String jarURLString)
Lookup a jar URL and return the resource. A resource is a file such as a class file or image file that is found in the classpath. A jar URL is a URL that refers to a resource in a jar file. For example, file://./foo.jar!/a/b/c.class is a jar URL that refers to the a/b/c.class resource in foo.jar. If this method is called with file://./foo.jar!/a/b/c.class then it will return a/b/c.class if a/b/c.class can be found as a resource in the class loader that loaded this class (ptolemy.util.ClassUtilities). If the resource cannot be found, then an IOException is thrown. If the jarURLString parameter does not contain !/, then return null. Note that everything before the !/ is removed before searching the classpath.

This method is necessary because Web Start uses jar URL, and there are some cases where if we have a jar URL, then we may need to strip off the jar:url!/ part so that we can search for the {entry} as a resource.

jarURLString - The string containing the jar URL. If no resource is found and the string contains a "#" then the text consisting of the # and the remaining text is removed and the shorter string is used as a search pattern.
The resource, if any. If the spec string does not contain !/, then return null.
Throws: - If this method cannot convert the specification to a URL.
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public static java.lang.String lookupClassAsResource(java.lang.String necessaryClass)
Given a dot separated classname, return the jar file or directory where the class can be found.

necessaryClass - The dot separated class name, for example "ptolemy.util.ClassUtilities"
If the class can be found as a resource, return the directory or jar file where the necessary class can be found. otherwise, return null. If the resource is found in a directory, then the return value will always have forward slashes, it will never use backslashes.