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Course Development

EE249, Fall 2012 – Project Proposals

Background Theme: Methodologies and Tools for Automated Design of Sense-and-Control Cyber-Physical Systems

Target Application and Case Study: Aircraft Electric Power Distribution Systems

The goal of the projects this year is to develop modeling, analysis and design tools for the realization of sense-and-control cyber-physical systems (CPS). To be concrete, all projects are inspired by the design of the power distribution sub-system of an aircraft electric power system (EPS). An aircraft EPS is an interesting example of CPS, complex enough to validate several ideas. However, the objective is to come up with techniques that can be applied well beyond this specific case study. Therefore, you are welcome to explore and propose additional benchmark applications to validate your solutions. Working in pairs is highly recommended.

As discussed in class, within an aircraft EPS, one or more control units configure the system architecture (including power generators, buses, contactors, loads and sensors) to deliver the desired power throughout the vehicle, while satisfying a set of performance, reliability and safety requirements. While EPS systems become increasingly more complex, their realization can still be considered a derivative process (represented by the “V-diagram” discussed in class), where newly developed designs are often a reincarnation of older ones, due to the limited support for innovative designs offered by structured methodologies that could substantially reduce development risks. Therefore, a major challenge in this context is to develop algorithms and design aids for the synthesis of both the EPS architecture, i.e. the interconnections among different elements, and the reactive control protocol. Topics addressed by the projects will include:
  • Optimal Topology Synthesis for Aircraft EPS Architectures
  • Optimal Sensor Placement for Aircraft EPS Control
  • Modeling Infrastructure for Contract-Based Design of Aircraft EPS
  • Automated Scalable Synthesis of Switching Logic for Performance Requirements
  • Synthesis of Hierarchical and Distributed Control Protocols for Aircraft EPS
  • Optimal Model-Predictive Control of Aircraft EPS
  • Robust Control of Aircraft EPS Under Probabilistic Constraints and Model Uncertainties
  • Models and Techniques for Architectural Exploration of Aircraft EPS in PtolemyII and MetroII

Further details and references will be distributed through Piazza.

Project Deadlines

  • Project and team definition: 10/11/2012
  • Midterm project progress report: 11/8/2012
  • Final project presentations: 12/3/2012
  • Final project report submission: 12/7/2012
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