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Course Development

Discussion Sections


During each section, we will be discussing published papers related to the topics covered in class. We will consider both survey and research papers, which will be posted on the class website one week in advance. One or two students are required to prepare and give a 25-minute presentation to the class. All other students are required to submit a review of the papers by email to Pierluigi. Paper reviews are due by 11.59pm, the day before the section (i.e., generally, on Mondays).

Try to be concise and to the point. Your review should consist of a few paragraphs of paper summary (no more than one page overall), covering your assessment of:

  • Problem definition
  • Proposed (surveyed) approaches
  • Strengths, novel ideas
  • Weaknesses, possible limitations
  • How the presented work could be improved or extended

Reading List

  1. A. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, "Quo Vadis, SLD? Reasoning About the Trends and Challenges of System Level Design", Due: 09/11/12, Presenters: Safa Messaoud and Antonio Iannopollo, Slides.
  2. D. Harel and A. Naamad, "The STATEMATE Semantics of Statecharts", Due: 09/18/12, Presenters: Hokeun Kim and Ben Zhang, Slides.
  3. M. Sgroi, et al., "Synthesis of Embedded Software Using Free-Choice Petri Nets",

    C. Chaouiya, et al., "Petri net modelling of biological networks",

    N. Viswanadham and N.R. Srinivasa Raghavan, "Performance analysis and design of supply chains: a Petri net approach",

    Due: 09/25/12, Presenters: Wei Yang Tan and David Burnett, Slides.
  4. A. Benveniste and G. Berry, "The Synchronous Approach to Reactive and Real-Time Systems",

    S. Tripakis, et al., "Implementing Synchronous Models on Loosely Time Triggered Architectures",

    Due: 10/2/12, Presenters: Wei Yang Tan and David Burnett, Slides.
  5. E. A. Lee and T. M. Parks, "Dataflow Process Networks",

    E. A. Lee and A. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, "A Framework for Comparing Models of Computation",

    A. Pinto, et al., "A Methodology for Constraint-Driven Synthesis of On-Chip Communications",

    Due: 10/9/12, Presenters: Huy Vo (Slides) and Behrooz Shahsavari (Slides).
  6. C. L. Liu and J. W. Layland, "Scheduling Algorithms for Multiprogramming in a Hard-Real-Time Environment",

    J. Goossens, "Scheduling of Offset Free Systems",

    A. Davare, et al., "Period Optimization for Hard Real-time Distributed Automotive Systems",

    Due: 11/08/12, Presenters: Ilge Akkaya and Forrest Iandola, Slides1, Slides2, Slides3.
  7. A. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, et al., "Taming Dr. Frankenstein: Contract-Based Design for Cyber-Physical Systems", Presenters: Antonio Iannopollo and Hokeun Kim, Slides1, Slides2.

    P. Nuzzo, et al., "Methodology for the Design of Analog Integrated Interfaces Using Contracts", Presenters: Pierluigi, Safa Messaoud and Ben Zhang, Slides1, Slides2.

    Due: 11/15/12
  8. A. Benveniste, et al., "Multiple Viewpoint Contract-Based Specification and Design", Presenters: Huy Vo and Behrooz Shahsavari, Slides.

    J.-B. Raclet, et al., "Modal interfaces: unifying interface automata and modal specifications", Presenters: Ilge Akkaya and Forrest Iandola, Slides.

    Due: 11/27/12

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