Heather Taylor

Chess Center: 337 Cory Hall


Multihop Routing Simulation of TinyOS-based Wireless Sensor Networks in Viptos


Weekly Progress:

Week 1:

  • Installed TinyOS and other related programs on computer
  • Went through TinyOS tutorials: http://www.tinyos.net/tinyos-1.x/doc/tutorial/
  • Attended Ptolemy meeting
  • Went to first CHESS SUPERB meeting

Week 2:

  • Read: The nesC Language: A Holistic Approach to Networked Embedded Systems
  • Read: System Architecture Directions for Networked Sensors
  • Installed & configured Eclipse
  • Set up Source Forge Account
  • Reviewed Ptolemy, TinyOS, TOSSIM, Viptos, & VisualSense
  • Decided on summer project: creating a multihop demo for Viptos

Week 3:

  • Read about threads in Operating System Concepts, (Silberschatz, Galvin, Gagne)
  • Read: Viptos: A Graphical Development & Simulation Environment for TinyOS-based WSN
  • Began looking at code in Surge demo
  • Simulated Surge demo in TOSSIM
  • Set up physical Surge demo in lab
  • Attended Controls Dynamics Reading Group for presentation on Rene Thom, Structural Stability, Catastrophe Theory, and applied Mathematics
  • Attended Lessons Unlearned in Wireless presented by Rajiv Laroia
  • Met with Shelia Humphrys for graduate school advising

Week 4:

  • Read: TOSSIM: Accurate and Scalable Simulation of TinyOS Applications
  • Attended Preparing a Research Presentation Workshop by Dianna Lizarraga
  • Attended Presentation by Al Pisano from Mechanical Engineering "The Future of Gadgets"
  • Read through Surge code in hopes of finding packet format
  • Attended CHESS SUPERB meeting where Nandita presented on "Stochastic Hybrid Systems"
  • Attended "Sensitive Information in a Networked World" presented by Joan Feigenbaum from Yale
  • Attended presentation on TRUST group by Shankar Sastry

Week 5:

  • Attended Ptolemy meeting
  • Met with Beatriz Lopez-Flores for advising
  • Created plan of attack with Elaine for multi-hop simulation
  • Added line element to MicaCompositeActor that changes its length based on input from a clock.

  • Attended presentation by Dominique Duncan on "Highway Traffic Flow Analysis and Control"
  • Began creating SurgeChannel, a communication channel that extends the functionality of LimitedRangeChannel by calling an updateLine() function.

Week 6:

  • Visited IBM Laboritories in San Jose
  • Worked on adding updateLine() functionality to SurgeChannel
    • Met with Elaine about getContainer() problem
  • Attended presentation on fellowships by Shelia Humphrys
  • Created presentation: Multihop Routing in Viptos
    • Set-up live Surge demo again
    • Ran simulated Surge demo
  • Presented at SUPERB/CHESS & Ptolemy joint meeting
    • Gained a new method for implementing a graphical line in Viptos thanks to Edward Lee
  • Revised/Updated plan of attack for creating demo

Week 7:

  • Attended final SUPERB meeting
  • Attended presentation by Nashlie Sephus on "Auto-Pilot for an Ultra-Light Flying Wing"
  • Designed poster for poster session
  • Created & Commited LinkVisualizer tool to CVS

  • Test LinkVisualizer in existing simulations

Week 8:

  • Developed demo in Viptos of Surge program utilizing SurgeVisualizer tool

  • Wrote, edited, and submitted to SUPERB a paper on summer research
  • Printed & Presented poster at poster session



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