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Welcome to Diva

Welcome to the new home page for Diva, a software infrastructure for visualizing and interacting with dynamic information spaces. Sound interesting? Find out more on the about page, view some nifty demos, or download the software.

Diva is a collaborative project between members of the Ptolemy and JavaTime groups in the EECS department at UC Berkeley. See the Acknowledgments page for more details.


2/9/01 Diva 0.3 is released!  You've been waiting forever but your reward is finally here....
7/28/99 Web site restructuring begins, in preparation for a Diva 0.3. Diva emerges from hibernation.
12/20/98 Diva 0.2 is out! Woo-hoo! We didn't do everything we were planning to, but there's some cool stuff in there. Check it out.
12/20/98 Diva upgrades to 1.2 final! Oops, we mean Java 2... The hit detection on complex shapes is screwed up, so we're going to have to produce some workarounds.
11/03/98 We finally get the stable release of Diva up in its new location. Woo-hoo! Check it out.
10/31/98 Diva downgrades to JDK1.2beta4. We found that the event-handling in 1.2rc1 was extremely sluggish.
10/20/98 Our new Web look. Like it?
10/16/98 We missed our first release date... Our theory is that we are suffering from second-system effect already. See the download page for the current schedule.
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