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The aim of MESCAL project is to introduce a disciplined approach to developing reusable architectural platforms that can be easily programmed to meet the requirements for a variety of applications. In particular, our goal is two fold (1) to provide a programmer's model and software development environment that allows for efficient implementation of an interesting set of applications onto a family of fully-programmable multi-processor architectures and (2) to develop an architecture development system to specify, evaluate and explore such fully-programmable (micro-) architectures using a correct-by-construction method. Achieving this goal requires coordination of research in applications, software environments, and application-specific instruction-set processor (ASIP) design.

See the Parallel Applications Libraries Languages Algorithms and Systems (Pallas) project for recent research.


Recent Pallas publications may be found on the ParLab Pallas site.

Older Mescal publications are available from the Gigascale Systems Research Center (GSRC). These publications are not publicly available, if you are interested in obtaining a GSRC account and meet the criteria go to the account request page.

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