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Metropolis-1.1 beta
Allen Hopkins, 30 Nov 2005
Last updated: 16 Jan 2008

This is version 1.1 of Metropolis. The primary motivation for creating this release is to support the metro_ui Eclipse plugin.

metropolis-1.1.src.tar.gz is the release in a gzip'd tar file for installation on Linux systems. is the same release in Windows format, for installation under Cygwin.

Summary of changes between Metropolis 1.0.2 and 1.1:

  • SystemC-2.1.v1 supported.
  • Support for metro_ui Eclipse plugin:
    • Add -dir option to Compiler to specify working directory for elaboration files.
    • frontend/MetaModeLibrary.initLibraries() now throws catchable exception if called twice.
    • Allow constructing CustomClassLoader to use a specified delegate class loader.
    • "make metro.jar" creates jar file for the Eclipse plugin.
  • Improvements to global time and quantity management, details below.
  • GME example added to $METRO/util.
  • Mapping tutorial PDF document added to $METRO/examples/simpleMapping.

More details:

2005-11-28 12:16 guyang
GlobalTime.cpp, GlobalTime.h,, scoreboard.cpp, scoreboard.h:
additional changes to GlobalTime resolution algorithm
2005-11-14 12:37 guyang
GlobalTime.cpp, GlobalTime.h,
Change GlobalTime resolution algorithm: Add static analysis to find out which processes are timed. Then register such timed processes to corresponding time domain (GlobalTime quantity manager). During simulation, resolve time until all timed processes have made time requests or all other quantity annotations are blocked.
2005-09-06 09:41 guyang
smarter self-adaptive quantity resolution
2005-08-26 17:05 guyang
event.h, programcounter.cpp, scoreboard.cpp, scoreboard.h, statemedium.cpp, event.cpp:
Two major improvements: 1. -mc switch is replaced by self-adaptive quantity annotation frequency control 2. the way checking event enableness status is changed. This information is now embedded in the event itself. This results in a ~4x performance improvement when simulating mapped design.
2005-08-25 23:34 guyang
event.cpp, scoreboard.cpp:
fix -mc and improve performance by changing event::isEnabled
2005-08-19 18:09 guyang
GlobalTime.cpp,, global.cpp, global.h, medium.h, scoreboard.cpp, scoreboard.h:
Add control to maximum number of cycles between quantity resolutions
2005-08-19 17:59 guyang
change => to -> for LTL formula enforcement in simulator
2005-07-25 16:35 guyang
Change FileLoader._resolvePass1(CompileUnitNode). Changes are indicated by GY at the very beginning of the comments. Do not resolve all files that pass pass0, instead just resolve the ast that is passed in as the argument.
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