The Multiscale Systems Center

The information-technology platform is being radically transformed as we speak. A new generation of applications is emerging that are destined to run in distributed form on a platform that meshes high-performance compute clusters with broad classes of mobiles, surrounded in turn by even larger swarms of sensors. The broad majority of these new applications can be classified as distributed sense and control systems that go substantially beyond the "compute" or "communicate" functions traditionally associated with information-technology. They have the potential to radically influence how we deal with a broad range of crucial problems facing our society today: power delivery in emerging micro-grids, emergency response to natural and man-made disasters, wireless healthcare with individualized monitoring, national infrastructural monitoring and adaptation, detection of anomalous events and behaviors in physical or cyberspace for security, or real-time situational awareness on the battlefield, etc. In fact, the opportunities are limited only by our imagination.

The grand goal of the Multiscale Systems Center is to create a comprehensive and systematic solution to the distributed multi-scale system design challenge. While addressing the full portfolio of needs, we have specifically selected as grand challenge the development of "energy-smart" distributed systems: that is, distributed systems that are deeply aware of the balance between energy availability and demand, and adjust their behavior in response through dynamic and adaptive optimization through all scales of the design hierarchy.

Distributed Sense and Control Systems
Large-Scale Systems
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    Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli Honored With EDAA Lifetime Achievement Award

    Prof.Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli gives talk entitled '1000 Electronic Devices Per Person, Dream or Nightmare?' at the International Electronics Forum 2011 in Spain

    Prof. Jose Carmena awarded NY Academy of Science 1st Aspen Brain Forum Prize in Neurotechnology

    Prof. John Baras Gives Semi-plenary Lecture at NTNS2010

    Prof. Rajesh Gupta and Yuvraj Agarwal Receive San Diego CleanTech Innovation Award

    Dec 2, 2010 -

    Prof. Jose Carmena awarded NY Academy of Science 1st Aspen Brain Forum Prize in Neurotechnology

    Jose Carmena has been awarded the New York Academy of Sciences first Aspen Brain Forum Prize in Neurotechnology. Recipients of this prize are recognized for their work that has broad application and impact in translating basic research into effective therapeutics within the area of neural prosthetics. Professor Carmena’s research interests span across systems neuroscience and neural engineering. He studies the neural basis of sensorimotor learning and control; neural ensemble computation as well as brain-machine interfaces, neuroprosthetics, and biomimetic robotics.