SEC'13: First International Workshop on the Swarm at the Edge of the Cloud

September 29, 2013

Montreal, Canada, in conjunction with ESWeek


Introductory Remarks

"First International Workshop on 'The Swarm at the Edge of the Cloud'," Jan Rabaey (UC Berkeley), Prabal Dutta (University of Michigan), George Pappas (University of Pennsylvania)

Session 1 -- Inspiring Applications

"Control Improvisation with Applications to Music," Sophie Libkind, Alexandre Donze, Sanjit Seshia, and David Wessel (University of California, Berkeley)

"SmartGrid as the Swarm," Alper Sinan Akyurek and Tajana Simunic Rosing (University of California - San Diego)

"The Moo and Cement Shoes: Future Directions of A Practical Sense-Control-Actuate Application," Miran Alhaideri (University of Michigan), Michael Rushanan (Johns Hopkins University), and Denis Foo Kune and Kevin Fu (University of Michigan)

"Unobtrusively Capturing Face to Face Interactions," William Huang and Prabal Dutta (University of Michigan)

Panel Discussion

Session 2 -- Software and Services

"Swarming toward the Internet of Things," John D. Kubiatowicz, presented by Jan Rabaey (UC Berkeley)

"Concepts for Swarm System Software," Daniel Graff, Jan Richling (TU Berlin), and Matthias Werner (Chemnitz U of Technology)

"A Case for the Universal DataPlane," John D. Kubiatowicz and Palmer Dabbelt (UC Berkeley)

"Distributed Control-as-a-Service with Wireless Swarm Systems," Rahul Mangharam (University of Pennsylvania)

"Altocumulus: Harvesting Computational Resources from Devices at the Edge of the Cloud," YoungHoon Jung, Marcin Szczodrak, Richard Neill, and Luca P. Carloni (Columbia University)

Panel Discussion

Session 3 -- Platforms and Protocols

Invited Talk: "Design Flow for SwarmWear Platforms," Roozbeh Jafari (UT Dallas)

"Architectural Challenges for MM-scale Sensor Nodes," Yoonmyung Lee, Ye-Sheng Kuo, Pat Pannuto, Ron Dreslinski, Prabal Dutta, and David Blaauw (University of Michigan)

"Platform Design for Swarm Wearable Computing," Thomas Broadfoot, Jingxiang Tian, HeeEun Choi, Mohammed-Mahdi Bidmeshki, Roozbeh Jafari, and Carl Sechen (UT Dallas)

"Energy is Conservable: Temporal Modeling for Resource Allocation in Swarm Devices," David Jun, Long Le, and Douglas L. Jones (UIUC)

"A Networked Robotic System and its Use in an Oil Spill Monitoring Exercise," Eloi Pereira (UC Berkeley), Pedro Marques da Silva (Portuguese Air Force Academy), Clemens Krainer and Christoph M. Kirsch (University of Salzburg), Jose Morgado (Portuguese Air Force Academy), and Raja Sengupta (UC Berkeley)

Panel Discussion

Session 4 -- Posters

"Scalability of Vehicle Networks through Vehicle Virtualization," Jiangchuan Huang (UC Berkeley), Christoph M. Kirsch (University of Salzburg), and Raja Sengupta (UC Berkeley)

"Law-based Verification for Complex Swarm Systems," Rolf Drechsler, Hoang M. Le, Mathias Soeken, and Robert Wille (University of Bremen)

"GATD: A Robust, Extensible, Versatile Swarm Dataplane," Pat Pannuto, Brad Campbell, and Prabal Dutta (University of Michigan)

"A New Multilevel Framework for Cyber-Physical System Security," Tianbo Lu, Bing Xu, Xiaobo Guo, and Lingling Zhao (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications) and Feng Xie (China Information Technology Security Evaluation Center)

"Just Another Service Composition Approach for Smart Home," Tsung-Chi Wu, Cheng-Liang Lin, Ping-Chung Po, Chih-Pin Freg, Che-Wei Hu, and Ting-Wei Hou (National Chen-Kung University)

"Energy Management in Smart Houses with Batteries, Renewable Energy and Context Awareness," Baris Aksanli, Jagannathan Venkatesh, and Tajana Rosing (UCSD)

"Managing energy and data quality in large sensor swarms," Jinseok Yang, Sameer Tilak, and Tajana Simunic Rosing (UCSD)

"Networking the Cloud: Extending IPv6 to City-Wide Sensor Networks," Brad Campbell, Zakir Durumeric, and Prabal Dutta (University of Michigan)

"Towards a Threat Model for Actors in the Swarm," Michael Rushanan (Johns Hopkins University) and Miran Alhaideri, Denis Foo Kune, and Kevin Fu (University of Michigan)

"Rethinking the Cloud," Marten Lohstroh and Chris Shaver (UC Berkeley)

"A Swarm of Wearable Sensors at the Edge of the Cloud for Robust Activity Recognition," Yashaswini Prathivadi, Carl Sechen, and Roozbeh Jafari (UT Dallas)