Benjamin Charrow
    University of Pennsylvania


Papers, Presentations and Reports Authored by Benjamin Charrow

  1. Information-Theoretic Mapping Using Cauchy-Schwarz Quadratic Mutual Information, Benjamin Charrow, Sikang Liu, Vijay Kumar, Nathan Michael, International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 26, May, 2015. Posted on 17 Mar 2015.
  2. Active Information-Based Localization and Mapping, Philip Dames, Benjamin Charrow, Sikang Liu, Nathan Michael, Vijay Kumar, 30, October, 2014. Posted on 7 Nov 2014.
  3. Active control strategies for discovering and localizing devices with range-only sensors, Benjamin Charrow, Nathan Michael, Vijay Kumar, Workshop on the Algorithmic Foundation of Robotics, 3, August, 2014. Posted on 12 Jun 2014.
  4. Approximate Representations for Multi-Robot Control Policies that Maximize Mutual Information, Benjamin Charrow, Vijay Kumar, Nathan Michael, 5, November, 2013. Posted on 13 Nov 2013.


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