Papers, Presentations and Reports Authored by Beth Osyk

  1. Augmented Reality with Accessors, Matt Weber, Edward A. Lee, Christopher Brooks, Chadlia Jerad, Hokeun Kim, Marten Lohstroh, Victor Nouvellet, Beth Osyk, 11, October, 2017. Posted on 12 Oct 2017.
  2. Accessors: Scalable IoT Programming, Christopher Brooks, Jian Wu, Beth Osyk, Roozbeh Jafari, Edward A. Lee, 15, November, 2016. Posted on 18 Nov 2016.
  3. Accessors: Scalable IoT Programming, Beth Osyk, Jian Wu, Christopher Brooks, Roozbeh Jafari, Edward A. Lee, 26, October, 2016. Posted on 29 Oct 2016.
  4. Ptolemy II 10.0, Ilge Akkaya, Remi Barrere, Christopher Brooks, Dai Bui, Ian Chen, Patrick Chen Chihong, Dan Crawl, Patricia Derler, Siyuan He, Anar Huseynov, Justin Killian, Beth Osyk, Eric Lenormand, Ben Lickly, Marten Lohstroh, William Lucas, Chris Motika, Thierry Nouidui, Aaron Schultz, Chris Shaver, Charles Shelton, Ishwinder Singh, Halvard Traetteberg, Stavros Tripakis, Michael Wetter, Michael Zimmer, Jia Zou, Edward A. Lee, University of California, Berkeley, 18, December, 2014. Posted on 18 Dec 2014.
  5. A Vision of Swarmlets, Beth Osyk, Edward A. Lee, Marten Lohstroh, Armin Wasicek, Chris Shaver, Matt Weber, 29, October, 2014. Posted on 6 Nov 2014.
  6. Prototyping and Composing Swarmlets Using Ptolemy II, Beth Osyk, 5, November, 2013. Posted on 28 Oct 2013.
  7. Web Interfaces, Christopher Brooks, Edward A. Lee, Beth Osyk, Baobing Wang, Roxana Gheorghui, January, 2013. Posted on 26 Jan 2013.


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