Browsing Ptolemy II 10.0.1

You can browse Ptolemy II, view the contents of demonstrations using a standard browser (no Web Start required) and optionally run those demonstration using Web Start without downloading the distribution by accessing the web copy.

The web copy is merely a set of web pages that were created when we untar'd the distribution on the Ptolemy web site and then exported the models to the web and enabled the Web Start applications for the Ptolemy II demonstrations.

The web copy includes demonstrations in the following formats:

  • Browse the demonstrations using a standard web browser with images and JavaScript (Web Start not required).
  • Run the individual demonstrations using Web Start.
  • View the raw xml of the demonstrations.

Note that the individual demonstrations that use Web Start are also accessible in the full Web Start installation. The individual Web Start demonstrations and the full Web Start installation differ in the following ways:

  • The individual demonstration that use Web Start are smaller and are shown using a viewer that is not suitable for editing, though you may save the model to your local disk.
  • The full Web Start installation is intended as an alternative to the Mac, source and Windows downloads. The Full Web Start installation includes the ability to create models. For details, see the Installation Summary

Web Start is a product from Sun that is used to download the Ptolemy II 10.0.1 Web Edition.

Sun's Java Web Start is included in version 1.6 or later of Sun's Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or Java Development Kit (JDK).

In other words, If you have Java 1.6 or later installed, then Web Start is already installed!

The Web Start demos attempt to detect wheter Web Start is already installed. If Web Start is not installed, the user is prompted to do the installation.

Places to go

This page covers accessing browsing Ptolemy II using a standard web browser.

Other formats include: