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A.2 Obtaining Ptolemy

Ptolemy binaries are currently available for the following architectures: HP running HPUX10.20, Sun 4 (Sparc) running Solaris2.5.1, and Sun4 (Sparc) running SunOS4.1.3. In addition, Ptolemy has been compiled on HPUX9.x, Linux Slackware 3.0, NetBSD_i386, IBM RS/6000 AIX3.2.5, SGI Irix5.3, SGI Irix6.x and the DEC Alpha OSF1 V3.2 platforms. These additional platforms are not supported in-house and thus these ports are not tested and may not be complete.

Installing the full system requires about 150 Megabytes of disk space (more if you optionally remake). The demonstration version of Ptolemy, "Ptiny," only requires 12 Megabytes of disk space. All versions requires at least 8 Megabytes of physical memory.

"Ptolemy mailing lists and the Ptolemy newsgroup" on page A-2 for details.

A.2.1 Access via the Internet

Ptolemy is available without support via Internet FTP. Source code, executables, and documentation are all available on the FTP site at

This site contains the latest release of Ptolemy, patches to the current release, a Postscript version of the Ptolemy manual, the demonstration version of Ptolemy, Ptolemy papers and journal articles, as well as the archives for the mailing list.

To obtain Ptolemy via FTP:

a. FTP to Internet host
b. Login as anonymous; give your full email address as the password.
c. Change to the /pub directory: cd pub
d. Follow the directions in the README file there.
There is an FTP mirror in Japan:
The notation above means log into and then cd to /pub/misc/ptolemy.

There is also an FTP mirror in France at:

A.2.2 Access via the World Wide Web

There is a World Wide Web (WWW) page for Ptolemy:
The Ptolemy WWW page contains information about Ptolemy, demonstrations of Ptolemy programs, access to the Ptolemy FTP site, and a hypertext version of the Ptolemy Documentation.

There is a WWW mirror of our site in France at:

A.2.3 Obtaining documentation only

All of the manuals as well as a number of Ptolemy-related papers and journal articles are available from the WWW site and from the FTP site in the /pub/ptolemy/papers directory. These documents are all in the Postscript format and require a Postscript printer or viewer. The paper gives an overview of Ptolemy and would be of particular interest to new users.

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