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A.3 Ptolemy mailing lists and the Ptolemy newsgroup

There are two publically available mailing lists and a newsgroup that discuss Ptolemy.

A.3.1 Ptolemy mailing lists

There are two mailing lists for Ptolemy users:

A.3.2 Ptolemy Newsgroup

There is a Ptolemy newsgroup: comp.soft-sys.ptolemy. Just like the ptolemy-hackers mailing list, the comp.soft-sys.ptolemy newsgroup is a forum of the discussion of Ptolemy questions, bug reports, additions, and applications. Note that all mail sent to the ptolemy-hackers mailing list is automatically posted to the comp.soft-sys.ptolemy newsgroup as well. The name is chosen to correspond to similar newsgroups for the Khoros and Matlab systems, which are also under comp.soft-sys.oTroubleshooting

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