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A.6 Known bugs

There are a number of known bugs that we have not had a chance to fix. You may find useful information about architecture dependencies in $PTOLEMY/mk/config-$ for the particular architecture you are running under.

A.6.1 Bugs in vem

A.6.2 Bugs in pigi

A.6.3 Bugs in tycho

Development of tycho is ongoing, so the version included in Ptolemy 0.7 is by no means the final version. In particular, there are many more features to be implemented.

A.6.4 Code generation bugs

A.6.5 Bugs in pxgraph

A.6.6 HPPA specific bugs

A.6.7 IBM AIX specific bugs

Xavier Warzee suggest the following for gcc and AIX.

To generate gcc-2.7.2 under AIX3.2.5 with cc, you need the PTF U436313. The PTF U432238 is suggested in the README.RS6000 file from the gcc-2.7.2 distribution, but this PTF is superseded by the PTF U436313. This PTF allows you to upgrade the cc IBM compiler from the release (delivered with AIX 3.2.5) to the release which compiles gcc-2.3.6.

A.6.8 Silicon Graphics IRIX5 specific bugs

The Silicon Graphics port is not one of our main ports, so there are several serious bugs:

A.6.9 Linux specific bugs

We do not have access to a Linux system onsite at UC Berkeley, so our support of Linux is very limited. If you are having problems with prebuilt Linux binaries, you may want to try rebuilding Ptolemy from scratch. You may also want to check the ptolemy-hackers archives, located at the bottom of the Ptolemy home page at

A.6.10 Sun Solaris 2.4 specific bugs

A.6.11 Sun OS4 specific bugs

A.6.12 DEC Alpha specific bugs

A.6.13 GNU compiler bugs

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