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A.7 Additional resources

The best, most complete source for information on Ptolemy is to be found in the Ptolemy manual, The Almagest. The manual is included in every distribution and is available in our WWW and FTP sites.

A second source is the mailing list. This list provides a forum for Ptolemy questions and issues. Users of the current release who have a Ptolemy question, comment, or think they've found a bug should send mail to ptolemy-hackers. Archives of the mailing list are also available. See the "Ptolemy mailing lists and the Ptolemy newsgroup" on page A-2.

A third source is the Ptolemy Usenet news group comp.soft-sys.ptolemy.

A fourth source on the latest information about Ptolemy is the Ptolemy World Wide Web (WWW) server accessible by programs such as Netscape. The Universal Resource Locator (URL) for the Ptolemy WWW server is The WWW pages contain on-line access to a quick tour of Ptolemy, a list of publications, a collection of technical papers, information on the members of the development team, and links to WWW information on related tools. The WWW interface is a superset of our FTP server discussed below.

Another source is the Ptolemy FTP site. To access this, use anonymous FTP to The directory pub/ptolemy/papers contains some of the latest Ptolemy papers and articles.

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