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10.6 An overview of SR demos

There are currently three SR demos. The palette is shown in figure

ramp Prints a sequence of increasing integers. Essentially a "hello world" for the SR domain, this demonstrates how Pre can interact with an adder.
rolodex A digital address book implemented in SR. This demonstrates how itcl stars can be used to prototype user-interface-dominated systems at a high level. The system is divided into keyboard, database, editor, and display blocks.
MIDIsynthesizer A music synthesizer written in SR. This is a polyphonic sound synthesizer written using custom SR stars for the control portion. Waveform synthesis is done using an FM algorithm implemented in CGC. This requires a MIDI keyboard to be attached to /dev/ttya, and functioning CGC audio drivers for your platform. More information on demonstrating the Midi stars with a Yamaha keyboard controller follows.

10.6.1 Use of the Yamaha CBX-K1XG as a midi keyboard controller

Setting Up Hardware Connections:

*Note that it is necessary to have functioning CGC audio drivers in order to demo the SR stars written for a keyboard controller.

Operation of the Yamaha keyboard controller

A sequence of keys specific to Yamaha's controller architecture must be triggered to send midi messages to the SR stars to generate synthesized sound within Ptolemy. See the Yamaha user's manual for detailed instructions

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