Download Ptolemy 0.7.2

Ptolemy 0.7.2devel is available for download by seasoned developers.

Development of Ptolemy Classic is winding down at UC Berkeley, the 0.7.2devel release has not undergone strenuous testing. At this time, we are not planning on doing further Ptolemy Classic releases, most of our effort is going into Ptolemy II. Ptolemy II 0.7.2devel is available either as a tar file or via CVS

Tar files
user:   ptdevel
password: ptrules


In December, 2013, we moved from CVS to Subversion:
svn co

Note that Ptolemy 0.7.2devel may be built under Windows XP, though the build is non-trivial. For details see $PTOLEMY/doc/html/nt or