Ptolemy 0.7.2

Ptolemy 0.7.2devel is available for download by seasoned developers.

Ptolemy 0.7.2devel includes the following new features:

  • Changes to the ACS domain by Eric Pauer's group at Sanders, a Lockheed Martin Company
  • Support for gcc-2.95.1
  • Support for Itcl3.0 and Tcl/Tk 8.0.5
  • Better support for NT4.0 under Cygwin b20.2
  • Development of Ptolemy Classic is winding down at UC Berkeley, the 0.7.2devel release has not undergone strenuous testing. At this time, we are not planning on doing further Ptolemy Classic releases, most of our effort is going into Ptolemy II.

  • There are various minor problems with Tycho, such as menu traversal, that were caused by the upgrade to Itcl3.0
  • The VHDL domain is basically untested - We had to upgrade Synopsys, so it likely broke the VHDL domain.
  • The CG56 domain is untested
  • The NT port is rather immature, it does not really reflect the overall level of quality in Ptolemy Classic. On the PC Platform, you might want to run under Linux instead.
  • The NT port is rather slow, the problem has to do with the event loop, see Ptolemy NT Bugs

    August, 2005: To compile under Windows XP, download via CVS and follow the Ptolemy Windows XP Installation instructions. Note that this installation procedure is non-trivial.

  • Most of the problems are basically bit rot, which occurs to software over time as the OS and compilers change.