Viptos - Visual interface between Ptolemy and TinyOS



This page shows screenshots of SendAndReceiveCnt. SendAndReceiveCnt is an example Viptos model that contains a model of two nodes. One node runs the TinyOS 1.x CntToLedsAndRfm program, which displays an increasing counter in binary on the LEDs of the mote and transmits the counter value over the radio. The other node runs the TinyOS 1.x RfmToLeds, which listens for transmitted counter values and displays them on the LEDs of the mote.

Also see:

  • SenseToLeds - A simple light sensing example.
  • Surge - A multihop routing example.

Top level view of SendAndReceiveCnt:

Top level view of SendAndReceiveCnt

Hardware level view of sender:

Hardware level view of sender

Software level view of sender:

Software level view of sender

Hardware level view of receiver:

Hardware level view of receiver

Software level view of receiver:

Software level view of receiver

Packets produced by sender:

Packets produced by sender

Packets received by receiver:

Packets received by receiver