EECS20N: Signals and Systems

Lab Assignments

Labs begin on Week 2 of classes.

Attend the lab session assigned to you by the Registrar's office (you may be asked to shift later). See your TA/GSI for your login name and other access account information.

If you wish to make a change in your assigned lab, or if you have not been assigned a lab, then please show up at your intended lab session and ask the TA/GSI in charge of the session for entry.

No lab section, however, can accommodate more students than there are computers (The hard upper limit is 30).

All lab sessions are held in 105 Cory.
This schedule supersedes the one provided by the Registrar's Office:

Section Day Time Lab GSI Floating GSI
Lab 010Mon 12pm-3pm Alan Avital
Lab 011Mon 3pm-6pm Avital Andrew
Lab 012Tue 9am-12pm James Alan
Lab 015Wed 12pm-3pm Siddharth James
Lab 014Thu 3pm-6pm Andrew Dorsa
Lab 013Fri 9am-12pm Dorsa Siddarth