EECS20N: Signals and Systems

EECS 20n Lectures (subject to change)

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Lecture Date Topic
1a 1/18 Logistics and Motivation (PA)
1b 1/20 Signals as Functions (PA)
2a 1/25 Systems as Functions (PA)
2b 1/27 Composition of Systems (PA)
3a 2/1 The notion of State (EL)
3b 2/3 State Machines (EL)
4a 2/8 Linearity and Time Invariance (EL)
4b2/10 Convolution (EL)
  2/15 MIDTERM 1
5b 2/17 Infinite State Machines (PA)
6a 2/22 Convolution Revisited (PA)
6b 2/24 Complex Exponentials (PA)
7a 3/1 The Notion of Frequency (EL)
7b 3/3 Fourier Series (EL)
8a 3/8 Frequency Response (EL)
8b 3/10 Complex Exponential Eigenfunctions (EL)
9a 3/15 Transfer Functions (PA)
9b 3/17 Frequency Response (PA)
  3/29 MIDTERM 2
10b 3/31 Finite Impulse Response Filters (EL)
11a 4/5 Fourier Transforms (EL)
11b 4/7 Using Fourier Transforms (EL)
12a 4/12 Sampling (PA)
12b 4/14 Aliasing and Reconstruction (PA)
13a 4/19 Filter Design (PA)
13b 4/21 Filter Implementation (PA)
14a 4/26 Applications (EL)
14b 4/28 Review (EL)
  5/3 NO CLASS: Reading week.
  5/5 NO CLASS: Reading week.
  5/12 FINAL EXAM, 3:00-6:00 PM