EECS20N: Signals and Systems

Regrade Policy

We know your grades are important to you, and we take them very seriously. We want our evaluation process to be fair to all of you. Grading inconsistencies can occur despite our best efforts. Accordingly, you can appeal your scores by adhering to the following mandatory guidelines.
  • Step 1: Study the official solutions carefully.
  • Step 2: To address any lingering concern, arrange a meeting with your lab GSI to discuss how a particular aspect of your performance was assessed.
  • Step 3: If after discussion with the teaching staff you believe a particular aspect of your performance was not properly evaluated, proceed with a written regrade request. We will accept only written requests for regrades, however mundane the issue at stake may seem. Without exception, no member of the teaching staff will accommodate an oral or any approximation to a real-time regrade request. Follow these guidelines for your regrade request:
    • The deadline for all regrade requests is one week before the final exam.
    • For quizzes and exams the regrade request materials must be physically handed to a member of the teaching staff. For homeworks the regrade requests can be dropped into the homework drop box.
    • On paper distinct from your original, scored, handwritten exam submission, draft an appeal brief by identifying the portions of your solution that you want us to reconsider and explaining therein the basis of your appeal for each identified portion. Please follow this procedure even if you want to point out a possible arithmetic error in the computation of your score. Staple this piece of paper to your original work.
    • Please do not add to, delete from, or in any other way modify the papers bearing your original, scored responses. It is a serious breach of the Code of Student Conduct to submit papers for regrade after any portion thereof has been modified. A violation of this clause will be prosecuted vigorously.
    • Only exam papers submitted in entirety and bearing your original, scored responses are acceptable for regrade consideration, and they must be submitted with the appeal brief described above. A facsimile representation (e.g., a photocopy) of your original exam submission is not acceptable unless it is submitted in addition to your original exam papers; is part, or in lieu, of the appeal brief; and is clearly annotated.
  • Any regrade request automatically triggers a thorough reexamination of the entire assignment or exam, not merely the portion under appeal. Accordingly, reexamination may have a favorable, adverse, or neutral effect on your overall score.