Interface CloseListener

public interface CloseListener

This is an interface for listeners that need to be informed when a window closes. Note that this is a very small subset of what Java's WindowListener interface does. This class is a workaround for a bug in Java's AWT, where components are not informed in any way when the window that contains them is closed, even though they can have registered listeners. The listeners are never called, unless the component is a top-level window. A listener that implements this interface, by contrast, is informed regardless of whether it is at the top level. This is used, for example, by the ComponentDialog class.

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Method Summary
 void windowClosed(java.awt.Window window, java.lang.String button)
          Notify that the specified window has closed.

Method Detail


void windowClosed(java.awt.Window window,
                  java.lang.String button)
Notify that the specified window has closed. The second argument, if non-null, gives the name of the button that was used to close the window.

window - The window that closed.
button - The name of the button that was used to close the window.