Package ptolemy.gui

Graphical User Interface classes.


Interface Summary
CloseListener This is an interface for listeners that need to be informed when a window closes.
QueryListener Listener interface for changes in the query box.
SettableQueryChooser Interface for custom query chooser boxes.

Class Summary
ComponentDialog This class is a modal dialog box that contains an arbitrary component.
JFileChooserBugFix A workaround for a JFileChooser bug.
PtGUIUtilities GUI Utilities.
Query Create a query with various types of entry boxes and controls.
Query.QueryActionListener Listener for "line" and radio button entries.
Query.QueryColorChooser Panel containing an entry box and color chooser.
Query.QueryFileChooser Panel containing an entry box and file chooser.
Query.QueryFocusListener Listener for line entries, for when they lose the focus.
Query.QueryItemListener Listener for "CheckBox" and "Choice" entries.
Query.QueryScrollPane Inner class to tie textArea to scroll pane.
Query.SliderListener Listener for changes in slider.
QueryChooser Abstract superclass for customized entry boxes.
UndoListener An Undo/Redo listener for use with a JTextComponent.

Package ptolemy.gui Description

Graphical User Interface classes.

Ptolemy II 0.4