Class EditablePlot

  extended by java.awt.Component
      extended by java.awt.Container
          extended by javax.swing.JComponent
              extended by javax.swing.JPanel
                  extended by ptolemy.plot.PlotBox
                      extended by ptolemy.plot.Plot
                          extended by ptolemy.plot.EditablePlot
All Implemented Interfaces:
java.awt.image.ImageObserver, java.awt.MenuContainer, java.awt.print.Printable,, javax.accessibility.Accessible

public class EditablePlot
extends Plot

This extension of Plot permits interactive modification of plotted data, one dataset at a time. By default, you can modify dataset number zero (the first one given). To change this default, call setEditable(). To edit a plot, use the right mouse button. Click and drag to the left to trace out new values for the data. To read back the modified data, use getData(). To undo a change to the data, type Control-Z. To redo the change, type Control-Y. The undo history is infinite.

The style of editing is very particular. This class assumes the data specify a function of x. I.e., there there is exactly one y value for every x value. Thus, with the right mouse button, you are allowed to trace out new y values starting with some leftmost x value. You can only trace values to the right. This feature makes it easy to trace values with discontinuities. Just start at the left, and drag to the right to the point of the discontinuity, then drag to the left, then right again. You will have to try it... Notice that this style of editing probably does not make sense with error bars, since there is no mechanism for editing the error bars.

To be able to modify the data in a dataset, of course, there must be data in the dataset. Thus, you should create a dataset (for example by calling addPoint()) before editing it. Only the visible part of the dataset can be edited (that is, the portion of the dataset along the visible part of the horizontal axis). If you zoom in, then, you can edit particular points more precisely.

To be notified when the user sketches a new signal, create an object that implements the EditListener interface and add that listener using addEditListener().

Ptolemy II 0.4
$Id: 57040 2010-01-27 20:52:32Z cxh $
Edward A. Lee
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Serialized Form
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Red (cxh)
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Red (cxh)

Nested Class Summary
 class EditablePlot.EditMouseListener
 class EditablePlot.ModifyListener
 class EditablePlot.UndoListener
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class ptolemy.plot.PlotBox
PlotBox.ButtonListener, PlotBox.CommandListener, PlotBox.DragListener, PlotBox.ZoomListener
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Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class javax.swing.JComponent
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class java.awt.Container
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class java.awt.Component
java.awt.Component.AccessibleAWTComponent, java.awt.Component.BltBufferStrategy, java.awt.Component.FlipBufferStrategy
Field Summary
private  int _currentEditX
private  int _currentEditY
private  int _dataset
private static java.awt.Color _editColor
private  java.util.Vector _editListeners
private  boolean[] _editSpecSet
private  int[] _editSpecX
private  int[] _editSpecY
private  java.util.Stack _redoStack
private  java.util.Stack _undoStack
Fields inherited from class ptolemy.plot.Plot
_currentdataset, _marks, _points
Fields inherited from class ptolemy.plot.PlotBox
_background, _bottomPadding, _colors, _documentBase, _foreground, _grid, _height, _leftPadding, _LOG10SCALE, _lrx, _lry, _originalXhigh, _originalXlow, _originalXRangeGiven, _originalYhigh, _originalYlow, _originalYRangeGiven, _padding, _plotImage, _preferredHeight, _preferredWidth, _rangesGivenByZooming, _rightPadding, _specifiedPlotRectangle, _topPadding, _ulx, _uly, _usecolor, _wrap, _wrapHigh, _wrapLow, _xBottom, _xhighgiven, _xlog, _xlowgiven, _xMax, _xMin, _xRangeGiven, _xscale, _xTop, _yBottom, _yhighgiven, _ylog, _ylowgiven, _yMax, _yMin, _yRangeGiven, _yscale, _yTop, PTPLOT_RELEASE
Fields inherited from class javax.swing.JComponent
Fields inherited from class java.awt.Component
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Fields inherited from interface java.awt.image.ImageObserver
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
private  void _edit(int x, int y)
private  void _editPoint(int x, int y)
private  void _editStart(int x, int y)
private  void _notifyListeners(int dataset)
private  void _setData(int dataset, double[][] data)
 void addEditListener(EditListener listener)
          Add a listener to be informed when the user modifies a data set.
 double[][] getData(int dataset)
          Get the data in the specified dataset.
 void redo()
          Redo the latest signal editing operation that was undone by calling undo(), if there was one.
 void removeEditListener(EditListener listener)
          Unregister a edit listener.
 void setEditable(int dataset)
          Specify which dataset is editable.
 void undo()
          Undo the latest signal editing operation, if there was one.
Methods inherited from class ptolemy.plot.Plot
_checkDatasetIndex, _drawBar, _drawErrorBar, _drawImpulse, _drawLine, _drawLine, _drawPlot, _drawPoint, _parseLine, _resetScheduledTasks, _scheduledRedraw, _setWidth, _writeOldSyntax, addLegend, addPoint, addPointWithErrorBars, clear, clear, erasePoint, fillPlot, getConnected, getImpulses, getLineStyles, getMarksStyle, getMaxDataSets, getNumDataSets, getReuseDatasets, markDisconnections, parseFile, read, samplePlot, setBars, setBars, setConnected, setConnected, setImpulses, setImpulses, setLineStyle, setLineStyles, setMarksStyle, setMarksStyle, setNumSets, setPointsPersistence, setReuseDatasets, setXPersistence, writeData, writeFormat
Methods inherited from class ptolemy.plot.PlotBox
_automaticRescale, _drawPlot, _help, _setButtonsVisibility, _setPadding, _timedRepaint, _zoom, _zoomBox, _zoomStart, addCaptionLine, addXTick, addYTick, clearCaptions, clearLegends, deferIfNecessary, destroy, export, exportImage, exportImage, exportImage, exportImage, getCaptions, getColor, getColorByName, getColors, getDataurl, getDocumentBase, getGrid, getLegend, getLegendDataset, getPlotRectangle, getPreferredSize, getTitle, getXAutoRange, getXLabel, getXLog, getXRange, getXTicks, getYAutoRange, getYLabel, getYLog, getYRange, getYTicks, init, paintComponent, parseFile, print, read, removeLegend, renameLegend, resetAxes, setAutomaticRescale, setBackground, setBounds, setButtons, setCaptions, setColor, setColors, setDataurl, setDocumentBase, setForeground, setGrid, setLabelFont, setPlotRectangle, setSize, setTimedRepaint, setTitle, setTitleFont, setWrap, setXLabel, setXLog, setXRange, setYLabel, setYLog, setYRange, write, write, write, writeOldSyntax, zoom
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Field Detail


private int[] _editSpecX


private int[] _editSpecY


private boolean[] _editSpecSet


private int _currentEditX


private int _currentEditY


private int _dataset


private static final java.awt.Color _editColor


private java.util.Stack _undoStack


private java.util.Stack _redoStack


private java.util.Vector _editListeners
Constructor Detail


public EditablePlot()

Method Detail


public void addEditListener(EditListener listener)
Add a listener to be informed when the user modifies a data set.

listener - The listener.
See Also:


public double[][] getData(int dataset)
Get the data in the specified dataset. This is returned as a two-dimensional array, where the first index specifies X or Y data (index 0 or 1 respectively), and the second index specifies the point.

The data in the specified dataset.


public void redo()
Redo the latest signal editing operation that was undone by calling undo(), if there was one. Otherwise, do nothing.


public void removeEditListener(EditListener listener)
Unregister a edit listener. If the specified listener has not been previously registered, then do nothing.

listener - The listener to remove from the list of listeners to which edit events are sent.


public void setEditable(int dataset)
Specify which dataset is editable. By default, if this method is not called, dataset number zero is editable. If you call this method with a negative number, then no dataset will be editable.

dataset - The editable dataset.


public void undo()
Undo the latest signal editing operation, if there was one. Otherwise, do nothing.


private void _edit(int x,
                   int y)


private void _editPoint(int x,
                        int y)


private void _editStart(int x,
                        int y)


private void _notifyListeners(int dataset)


private void _setData(int dataset,
                      double[][] data)