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Special interest groups
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The D.O.P. Center Collaborative Workspaces

Welcome to the D.O.P. Center collaborative research pages. These pages reflect current research activities within the D.O.P. Center, and provide a forum for all researchers associated with the D.O.P. Center to communicate and collaborate with one another.

Below is the listing of the collaborative workgroups on this site. At the left are short-cut links for the same.

Software projects  
bear Berkeley Aerobot
blast Berkeley Lazy Abstraction Software Verification Tool
caltrop Caltrop
cases Compiler and Architecture Support for Embedded Systems
cosi COmmunication Synthesis Infrastructure
dif The Dataflow Interchange Format
diva Dynamic Interactive Visualization
dopcenter Donald O. Pederson Center Workgroup
m2t2 Research on multiple moving objects tracking in complex dynamic environment using multiple sensors mounted on unmanned autonomous vehicles
metropolis Design Environment for Heterogeneous Systems
mica Mixed Initiative Control for Automa-teams
nephest Nephest
smartnets Smart Networks Group
Special interest groups  
apbd Analog Platform Based Design
asves Analysis, Synthesis, Verification of Electronic Systems
asvpapers Papers under development by Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli
concurrency Concurrency Class: EECS 290N
dopresence dopresence
dopsysadmin DOP Center Systems Administration
eecsx44 Fundamental Algorithms for System Modeling, Analysis, and Optimization
elab Embedded Lab
giotto A Methodology for Embedded Control Systems Development
hyinfo Interchange Format for Hybrid Systems
mescal Modern Embedded Systems: Compilers, Architectures, and Languages
mobies Model Based Integration of Embedded Software
murieh Embedded Humans: Provably Correct Decision Making for Networks of Humans and Unmanned Systems
mvsis mvsis
ransom Ransom users group
recons recons
robosysadmin Robotics group system administration
savg System Analysis and Verification Group
sec Software Enabled Control
video Video capture and collaboration
Administrative groups  
embedded The Embedded Website Workgroup
embeddedadmin Embedded Website Administrators' Workgroup
msgadmin MSG Administration workgroup
webmaster Webmasters
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