Fall 2001 Schedule of Talks

Electronic Systems Design Seminar

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Date Time Venue Speaker Title 
Sep 17 (Mon) 1 pm 540 Cory CANCELED
Sep 24 (Mon) 1 pm 540 Cory Dr. Akash Deshpande
Founder and CTO, Teja Technologies
The Teja Software Platform for Network Processors
Oct 1 (Mon) 1 pm 540 Cory Dr. Andreas Kuehlmann
Cadence Berkeley Labs
Formal Property Checking Using Structural Circuit Transformations
Oct 12 (Fri) 11 am 540 Cory Dr. Shaz Qadeer
Compaq Research Labs
Modular Verification of Multithreaded Software
Oct 15 (Mon) 1 pm 540 Cory Dr. Sriram Rajamani
Microsoft Research
Model Checking, Program Analysis and Theorem Proving: Kitchen Sink?
Oct 22 (Mon) 1 pm 540 Cory Dr. Alan Mishchenko
Portland State University
Specialized Applications of Decision Diagrams [SLIDES]
Oct 29 (Mon) 1 pm 540 Cory Prof. Malgorzata Marek-Sadowska
UC Santa Barbara
Incremental Restructuring of Boolean Networks
Nov 2 (Fri) 1:30 pm 540 Cory Prof. Francky Catthoor
IMEC, Belgium
Managing dynamic concurrent tasks in real-time multimedia [SLIDES]
Nov 5 (Mon) 1 pm 540 Cory Prof. Lothar Thiele
ETH, Zurich
Design of Packet Processors - Models and Methods (CANCELLED!)
Nov 9 (Fri) 2:30 pm 540 Cory Prof. Joao Marques-Silva
Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal
Data Structures for Efficient SAT Solvers
Nov 12 (Mon) 1 pm 540 Cory Dr. Hamid Savoj
VP of Product Development,
Magma Design Systems
Integrated RTL to GDSII flow
Nov 13 (Tue) 5 pm 540 Cory Prof. J Strother Moore
University of Texas at Austin
Machines Reasoning about Machines
Nov 26 (Mon) 3 pm 540 Cory Dr. Albert Wang
The Role of ASIP in Programmable Platforms [SLIDES]
Nov 28 (Wed) 1 pm 540 Cory Prof. Steven Nowick
Columbia University
Low-Latency Interfaces for Mixed-Timing Domains
Dec 3 (Mon) 1 pm 540 Cory Dr. Ed Kohler
International Computer Science Institute
Usable Modular Software Router Design
Dec 10 (Mon) 1 pm 540 Cory NO seminar

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