Fall 2003 Schedule of Talks

Electronic Systems Design Seminar

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Jul 30 (Wed)
2:30 pm
521 Cory
Orna Kupferman
Hebrew University and UC Berkeley
Safraless decision procedures
Aug 25 (Mon)
instruction begins
Sep 1 (Mon) Labor day
Sep 8 (Mon) 4 pm 540 Cory Per Ljung
CodeTronix LLC
Compiling multithreaded programs
to SoC hardware and software
Sep 15 (Mon)
4 pm 540 Cory Rupak Majumdar
UC Berkeley (from 01/04 Prof. at UCLA)
Quantitative Games in Verification
Sep 29 (Mon) 4 pm 540 Cory Prof. Rolf Ernst
TU-Braunschweig, Germany
A Compositional Approach to Embedded
System Performance Analysis
; slides: pdf
Oct 13 (Mon) 4 pm 540 Cory Satnam Singh
Xilinx Research Labs, San Jose

Co-Design and Co-Verification using a
Synchronous Language
; slides: pdf

Oct 14  (Tue)
joint with Chess
4 pm
540 Cory
Sumit Gupta
University of California, Irvine
A C-Based Parallelizing High-Level Synthesis
Approach for Embedded Systems
; slides: pdf
Oct 20 (Mon) 4 pm 540 Cory Davide Bertozzi
University of Bologna, Italy
Analyzing the MPSoC Design Space: the
MPARM Environment
; slides: pdf
Oct 21 (Tue)
joint with Chess
4 pm
540 Cory
Joseph Sifakis
VERIMAG, Grenoble, France
Component-Based Construction of
Deadlock-Free Systems
Nov 6 (Thurs.)
joint with Chess
11 am 540 Cory

Prof. Arvind
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Bluespec: Why chip design can't
be left to EE's
Nov 10 (Mon) 4 pm
531 Cory

Amit Prakash
Univ. of Texas at Austin

Randomized Parallel Schedulers for Switch-
Memory-Switch Routers

Nov 14 (Fri)
2 pm
540 Cory
Prof. Igor Markov
University of Michigan

Symmetries in Boolean SAT and 0-1 ILP

Nov 17 (Mon) 4 pm 540 Cory

Prof. Diana Marculescu
Carnegie Mellon University

Dynamic Power and Fault-Tolerance
Management for Ambient Intelligent Systems

Nov 20 (Thurs.)
with EECS249
11 am
521 Cory
Ivo Bolsens, CTO
Xilinx, San Jose
Challenges and opportunities for FPGA
platforms; slides: pdf
Nov 24 (Mon) 4 pm 540 Cory

Yunjian W. Jiang
UC Berkeley

Efficient Software Realization of Sequential

Nov 25 (Tue)
with EECS249

11 am
521 Cory
Drew Wingard
Sonics, Inc.
Designing SoCs beyond existing tightly
coupled architectures
Dec 1 (Mon) 4 pm 540 Cory
instruction ends

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