Spring 2004 Schedule of Talks

Electronic Systems Design Seminar

  • We can set up teleconferencing equipments for people to participate remotely. Please let us know about one week earlier with such requests.
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Jan 20 (Tue)
instruction begins
Jan 26 (Mon)
4 pm
540 Cory

Feb 2 (Mon)
4 pm 540 Cory Ross Wheeler
DoubleWide Software
Escape from Embedded Development Hell
Feb 9 (Mon) 4 pm 540 Cory

Feb 16 (Mon) Presidents' Day Holiday
Feb 17 (Tue)
Chess talk
4 pm 540 Cory Ian Buck
Stanford Computer Graphics Lab
Brook for GPUs: Stream Computing
on Graphics Hardware
; slides: pdf
Feb 23 (Mon)
Diss. talk
2 pm 540 Cory Roberto Passerone
UC Berkeley & Cadence
Semantic Foundations for Heterogeneous Systems
Mar 1 (Mon) 4 pm 540 Cory Greg Stitt
UC Riverside
Warp Processors: Improving Software
Performance with Configurable Logic
; slides: pdf
Mar 8 (Mon) 4 pm 540 Cory JoAnn M. Paul
Carnegie Mellon University
High-Level Performance-Power Simulation of Heterogeneous
Multiprocessors Through Resolution of Design Layers
Mar 15 (Mon) 4 pm 540 Cory

Mar 22 (Mon) Spring recess
Apr 2 (Fri)
EECS Colloq.
1 pm 521 Cory Dennis Sylvester
Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor
IC Design at a Crossroads: Enabling Low-Power and
Robust Computing in Nanometer CMOS
Apr 5 (Mon) 4 pm 540 Cory

Apr 12 (Mon)
4 pm 540 Cory Lei He
UC Los Angeles
Leakage Modeling and Reduction

Apr 19 (Mon) 4 pm 540 Cory

Apr 26 (Mon) 4 pm 540 Cory Sandip Kundu
Intel Corp.
Analysis of Power Supply Grid of Microprocessors
May 5 (Wed) 11 am 540 Cory Jason Cong
UC Los Angeles
Architecture-Level Synthesis for Automatic
Interconnect Pipelining
May 10 (Mon)
Chess review
May 11 (Tue)
Diss. talk
4 pm
540 Cory
Luca Carloni
UC Berkeley
Coordination Strategies for Correct-by-Construction
Design of SOCs and Embedded Systems
May 18 (Tue)
Diss. talk
4 pm
540 Cory
Claudio Pinello
UC Berkeley

Design of Safety-Critical Applications, a Synthesis Approach

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